Geoff and Sue Allan
"Just a note to say thank you for the excellent work you did in repairing our courtyard wall. You've made a lovely job of removing the old cement and replacing with traditional lime mortar, which not only looks so much better, but will allow the stonework to breathe and weather properly.

Your estimate was completely accurate, and you and Steve worked efficiently and tidily. I would have no hesitation in recommending you and your company to any other prospective customers and you are doing a grand job in preserving the wonderful heritage we have here on the Island."

Greg and Emily
"We are writing this letter to thank your company, Wight Heritage Preservation for the lime restoration work on our home, Melville Lodge. Within the four months of the project, your company has shown diligence and dedication to restoring our home, removing all the cement that had previously been used to repoint the stonework, and resurfacing stone where the concrete caused the stone to crumble. The project came under your original quote both in time and cost and the quality is excellent.

We appreciated your professional approach every day you came to our home. While the work creates a lot of mess, you ensured it was contained and cleaned up before you left each day. You also ensured that any loud work to remove concrete was completed when were out of the home, as not to disturb our small children. Even when plans changed, and you helped us restore and renovate stone in some of our fireplaces, you made sure to protect our furnishings and minimise the dust created. You've worked closely with us throughout the project, communicating as needed on any items for review or issues to be addressed. Your passion for your craft and attention to details has far exceeded our expectations.

Again we would like to express our gratitude for the quality work you completed for us. The lime restoration completed by you and your team brought our 1876 Victorian villa's stone back to its original splendour. We are happy to refer Wight Heritage Preservation to other people who are also in need of quality lime restoration services."

Gary Dobson
"I am writing to express my gratitude for the work that you have completed at Lower Watchingwell, Yarmouth Road, Isle of Wight. As my house is a Grade 2 listed building I was extremely concerned that the repointing was carried out in an efficient and technically correct fashion. I am completely satisfied with the work that you have completed which has not only ensured the ongoing preservation of my home but greatly improved its appearance.

I have been extremely impressed by the way you conduct your business. Your quotation for the work was completely transparent and you have kept me carefully and consistently up-to-date with the hours that you have worked, making sure that my expense was kept to a minimum. At all times you have been tidy and cognisant of noise and dust levels, allowing the work to be completed with minimum distress and inconvenience to me and my family.

It is clear that you not only have great enthusiasm for your work and the preservation of historic buildings, but also immense knowledge of historic building construction and techniques. You have provided to be entirely trustworthy, courteous and great fun to work with. I will have no hesitation in recommending you to friends and colleagues. Please feel free to refer any potential customers to me for a reference and testimony of the quality of your work."

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